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Fishing for over 50 years, Capt Paul Roydhouse has caught more than his fair share of fish off the Florida coast.  From day to day charter fishing to multimillion dollar tournaments, Paul has left his mark on the fishing industry.

In 1962, Paul’s father Rod Roydhouse retired from the US Air Force and moved the family from the Air Force base in Puerto Rico to the (at that time) quaint fishing village of Ft Lauderdale.  He and his father worked as deckhands on the local drift boats.  At age 12, he got his first job on a charter boat at the Bahia Mar marina.  He had to tell everyone he was 16 because of child labor restrictions.  From 12-29 years old, Paul worked on the various charter boats that operated out of the Bahia Mar, Hillsboro Inlet and in Islamorada including the Jamie C V, Cynful, N-Joy, Dottie Red, Diamond Lil, Bluefin, Bolo, High Seas, Alamo, Southside, Quick Pic, Naughty Boy and the Heather Lynn.  At age 30, Paul took a job working for Fred Marolf, a big game marlin fisherman who tournament fished the Bahamas Billfish Championship and several of the other Bahamas big game tournaments.  Fishing with Fred Marolf full time for over 10 years put a lot of tournament wins, loses and blue marlin experience under his belt.

In 1994, Paul got a loan for $30,000 and he bought his first charter boat.  She was a 48ft Ray Davis.  Just about every charter boat fisherman in Ft Lauderdale helped out working on her over 6 months to get her ready for charter fishing.  When she was fixed up, we started running fishing charters and were an instant success.  A few years later, Paul purchased the Mary B III, a 55ft large party sportfishing boat and the company grew from a 1 boat show to become New Lattitude Sportfishing Fleet.  A few years after that he bought the Catch My Drift, Ft Lauderdale’s largest party fishing boat.  Every couple of years, Paul purchased another charter boat until New Lattitude Sportfishing became the largest charter boat fishing fleet in south Florida. Paul and his two sons, Andy and Rod (along with several other family members) run New Lattitude Sportfishing today, catching their clients trophy gamefish at every opportunity.  Few people have fished the amount of days Capt. Paul has spent on the water, and it’s safe to say that no one knows the ocean bottom off Fort Lauderdale and Pompano beaches better than he does (probably because he sank ½ the wrecks out there).  Capt. Paul still fishes every day and isn’t slowing down at all.  When it comes to Paul Roydhouse, fishing is his life and life has been very good to him.

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