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Corporate Charters

One of the best things about coming to a corporate event in Fort Lauderdale is that the company or host will usually send the attendees out on an excursion, to break up the meeting and provide some lively times to participants.  One of the activities that corporate hosts usually opt to do is to send the group out on a fishing charter.  Whether it’s for a team-building event or just to provide everyone with some much needed fun, fishing charters are a great activity for corporate get togethers during their meetings in Fort Lauderdale.

There are several options for corporate groups to choose from.  First off, our open party drift fishing trips are fun, cheap and a great way to experience the ocean and some deep sea fishing.  This is an inexpensive way to participate in some fishing because it is an open party trip rather than a private charters.  Our drift fishing trips are all-inclusive at only $40 per person for a 4 hour trip.  Private charters are a higher caliber charter all together where it’s just the company and it’s attendees on the boat fishing, along with the boat’s crew who are the fishing guides.  There are 2 ways we can run a private corporate fishing charter event.  Everyone can go on one boat together or we can arrange a multiple boat fishing charter.

For private charters, we have 2 different options.  You can charter one really large boat to take everyone out together, or you can charter multiple boats where 6 persons per boat go out on a multiple boat charter.  We have 2 of the large boats that can carry a large capacity of people.  One is a 55ft vessel that is perfect for running sportfishing charters for groups of 7 or more and the other is a 85ft vessel that is perfect for groups of up to 60 or more for large group fishing charters.  Both of these boats are U.S. Coast Guard Certified for large groups of people.

The other option is one of my favorites because we get to do a little fishing tournament while we are at it.  We can coordinate a large, multi-boat fishing charter on our 46ft sportfishing boats.  Our own fleet has 6 sportfishing boats in the 42-46ft class and we can coordinate more boats if needed.  Each of these boats can take out up to 6 persons on the trip, and we can have all the boats come into our marina to do the pick-up and drop-off.  We can help coordinate a small tournament or contest (perfect team building activity), where we ‘weigh in’ at the end of the trip to determine the winner.  All you need to do is to put up a good prize for everyone to compete for.


If you are interested in getting pricing for a corporate large boat charter or for a multiple boat fishing charter event, please call us and we will put together a perfect package based on what you are looking for.  Call us today!​​

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