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Birthday Party

Birthday Party Fishing Trips

One of the best ways to celebrate a kid’s birthday party is to do a birthday party fishing charter.  It’s a great venue for entertaining the kids with something a little out of the plain and ordinary, that’s also fun for the whole family.  I remember when I was young, my parents took me and my friends out on a deep sea fishing trip for my birthday party.  To this day, it is still my favorite birthday party memory that I have and I know all the other kids that came had a fun time too.  I think it was my 10th birthday when I had my fishing trip birthday party and I remember about 8 kids came to it along with some of the parents.  We all caught fish and had a great time.  The trip was centered around us kids, to catch as many fish as we could.  Most of them were small but a few big ones were mixed in.  When we got back to the dock, the deckhand cleaned the fish and we watched all the jack crevales and tarpon feeding on the scraps they threw in.  We took our fish filets over to one of the local restaurants, who cooked up our fish that we had just caught and we ate them right there.  Now, I was never a fish-eater as a kid.  I would eat everything except for fish.  But even I ate the fish we caught that day.  Maybe we just had the greatest chef in the world or perhaps more likely it was because I had just caught those fish with my friends, the fish we ate that day was the best meal I can ever remember having as a kid.

Different Birthday Party Fishing Trip Options for Kids

Open Party Trips (Not Private):  This option is the cheapest way to get a bunch of kids out on the water fishing for a birthday party fishing trip.  This will be on our big drift fishing boat, which carries a large group of people, so you will be sharing the boat with other people.  This boat has a large inside air-conditioned cabin area with dinette tables where you can set up a cake and balloons.  We fish around the whole boat, so being an open party trip, we will assign everyone spots to fish from so you are all fishing together as a group on the boat.  This is a great option if you a limited budget and you don’t mind sharing the boat with a bunch of other passengers.  Prices for this fishing trip option are $40 for adults, $30 for kids and they include everything for fishing.  Just bring your own food/drinks along.  These trips depart 3 times daily, call for schedule and reservations.

Private Charters:

46ft New Lattitude – up to 6 persons

This boat is set up to run sportfishing charters for groups of up to 6 people.  6 persons is our maximum on this boat and because of the limited numbers of people, we can do just about any technique of fishing such as trolling, live baiting, shipwreck fishing, bottom fishing with chicken rigs, kite fishing, shark fishing, action fishing, anything.  Your birthday party group will be the only passengers aboard and the captain and mate will be there as your fishing guides.  This trip is very one-on-one with the crew and we are very versatile on the different fishing techniques we can do.  We are only limited with the number of people we can bring, which is 6.  If your group is larger than 6 persons, we do have a larger boat that holds the license to carry out 7-15 passengers for a private sportfishing charter, read below.


55ft Sportfishing Boat Charter for 7-35 people

Our other boat/trip option is to go out on our 55ft Gamage and Stevens boat, which can carry larger numbers of people.  On this trip, we can carry a lot more passengers.  With smaller parties (7-15 people) we can do trolling and sportfishing techniques of fishing to try to catch the really big game fish.  On this trip we will fish for mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, sharks, kingfish, amberjacks and anything else that bites.  We employ methods of sportfishing such as trolling, live baiting and shipwreck fishing.  These are the same techniques that we employ on our 6 persons or less charters.    If your group is even larger than 15 persons, we can recommend a style of fishing called drift fishing.  On a drift fishing trip, we go out to the reef and go bottom fishing to try to catch lots and lots of the smaller to medium sized bottom fish (snapper and grouper mainly).  It’s a great way to fish with a group this size because everyone can fish at the same time, and hold their own pole.  This technique is best for catching large numbers of fish as opposed to action.

Whichever trip you choose for your Fort Lauderdale Birthday Party Fishing Trip, we will show you all a great time.  Fishing in Fort Lauderdale is highly variable with changing conditions every day.  Our crew know what fish are biting, where they are biting and what will give you the best chances at coming home with a good catch.  Good luck out there fishing and Happy Birthday!

Just a few snapshots from our Birthday Party Fishing Trips....

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