My family chartered y’all on June 29, 2009, specifically the ‘BIG GAME’ boat with Captain Andy and Crewman Rod. It was obvious that they both truly enjoyed their work, were proud of their boat and equipment, were extremely friendly and, above all, incredibly helpful for a family whose only experience fishing was to go out on our local lake and drown worms. WE HAD A BLAST!!! We caught several fish, including a near 4 foot barracuda and a near 8 foot hammerhead shark!! I highly recommend Fishing Headquarters, and will call again when we visit the Fort Lauderdale area in the future.

William Rogers & Family
Lewisville, Texas.

Hey Y’all! Here are some pictures and videos of the awesome deep sea fishing trip! Thank you so much for a great time. There will be a couple of emails with pictures attached because they won’t all fit in one email! Thanks again.

Dan, Denise, Alex, and Jaclyn

Captain Adam and First Mate Kevin were very helpful and talked Joseph through reeling this big fish in. We had a great time and hope to fish with you again next time we vacation in Florida. Here are some photos. I will be sending them in a few different emails:

Frank Picarelli
Mint Hill, NC

Looking forward to returning for another trip soon! Thanks to Adam and Rod

Reggie Abbott
Fayetteville GA

I just wanted to send a couple of pictures and say thanks for the charter on 5/20 with Adam and Rod. My father-in-law Wayne and I had an unbelievable time and the fishing trip was the highlight of our trip to Florida. Adam and Rod were very professional and great guys to be around, not to mention how amazing they were at picking spots and landing fish. It seemed we had one on the line at all times, even two at once for a while. We ended up with 6 Kings, a nice Horseeye Jack and a huge Barricuda (see picture attached). The picture of the Jack was taken on film so I’ll try to scan that and send it over. Thanks again and we’ll be sure to look you up for another trip when we return.

Paul Linden
Plymouth, MI

WE had a great time…………worth every memory and penny! Thanks,

Gearys ‘of Wisconsin.

Had a great day of fishing yesterday (April 30) and wanted to pass along my thanks and kudos to Capt Adam and Joey for making it such a memorable trip. Great job by those two. Tell them I’m coming back in a few weeks. Attaching a photo of the mahi-mahi I was after and caught!

Best regards,
Chris Desmond

Rod and Adam,
We all had a great time going out with you guys. Thanks so much!! Here are some pictures… We are down there quite often so hopefully we will see you again soon; well Jim and I at least… Take Care guys and Thanks again!


I just wanted to say thank you to rod and john for showing me the time of my life. Before this trip I had never even seen the ocean let alone gone fishing in it. This experience was a once in a lifetime and I just wanted to say thank you. Here are some of the pics of the trip.

Brent&Netta Brandenburg.

Rod and Joe,
Guys I had the greatest time on Saturday. The best trip I’ve ever taken. You guys were awesome, and of course the fishing was unbelievable too. If I ever get back down there I know exactly where my first stop will be. Thanks again guys.

Semper Fi,
Kyle Ellis

We shared the photos from our trip with you. Please let us know if you did not receive them through Kodak. We would like to thank Rod, Joe and Andy for the great fishing adventures. It was a one of a kind trip to Florida. We wouldn’t have had the same experience with any other guys. We are very appreciative for the experience we had. We had one hell of a trip. Thank you,

Jason, Natasha, Dylan and Isaac Smith
Danville, Pennsylvania