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What is the difference between drift fishing and sportfishing?
The main differences between drift fishing and sportfishing is the numbers of people that go out on the trip and the technique of fishing that we do. Drift fishing is done on our 85ft party fishing boat that takes out a big group of people. The boat is designed to fish a lot of people at one time. We go out to the reef and stop the boat. Everyone fishes off the side of the boat and drops their line to the bottom. We mainly fish for snapper and grouper on this trip and we catch a lot of other bottom fish species as well. Sportfishing is done on our 46ft sportfishing boat where we only take 6 persons at a time maximum. We can do a few different fishing methods on our sportfishing trips including trolling, live baiting and shipwreck fishing.

What do you fish for?
Our drift boat mainly fishes for snapper and grouper. The sportfishing trips fish for bigger game fish like mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, kingfish, bonito, barracuda, sailfish, sharks and more.

What happens if it rains?
If it looks like bad weather the day of your trip, please still show up for your trip. The captain watches the weather continuously. We sail out of south Florida which is notorious for having unpredictable weather conditions. Often, it will be storming when you arrive but clear up just in time for the trip. We can generally steer around most storms that move through when we are on the ocean and we still fish in light rain. If it’s windy, that’s what we hope for because the best fishing generally happens on the roughest days. Take Dramamine before the trip if you think you might be prone to seasickness.

What should I wear? Not wear?
On most days, wear cool, comfortable clothes. You could wear your swimsuit if you want to. If it’s cold out, jeans and longsleeve shirt will usually do. I do recommend sunglasses and a hat.

Do you supply food and drinks?
The only thing we don’t supply on the trip is food and drinks. We do provide coolers with ice on the boat. Bring whatever food and drinks you want. Beer is fine to bring along on the trip, whatever you like. Rather than glass containers, stick with cans and plastics.

What do I need to bring?
You need to bring your own food and drinks along. I also recommend sunglasses (polarized if possible). We have everything else on the boat for you.

Where can I park?
We have parking for you in our marina. We offer free parking to our customers. Do not leave your car parked in the marina if you are not out on the boat or it may get towed. Do not leave the car in the marina and go to lunch unless you speak with the office person and he verifies that it is okay for you to do that.

Is the ship shaded?
There is shade all over the boat. If you don’t want to be in the sun, you can always find a place to get out of the sun. There is also an air-conditioned inside cabin where you can cool off. You can ride with the captain upstairs too, and it has a shaded covering as well.


Are there any age limits?
Any age can come on the trip. It’s the parent’s decision if they think their child can handle it. We have taken many infants out on the trip and if you do, I recommend a car seat or a carrier. Our fishing trips are very kid friendly. If you want to have a trip that is centered solely around the kids, do one of our private kid fishing charters.


What time do I need to get here?
Try to arrive about a half hour early to check in.


Is there a bathroom on the boat?
Yes, there is a bathroom on the boat.

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