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Not all charter boats in our area operate on the high level of ethics that we do. It is important to know before you book and shop for the best price (yes, we price match too!):

  • We are the closest boat to the Inlet and fishing grounds.  This means you get more time fishing and less time cruising.  Our competitors take 4x as long to get you to the fishing areas, thus reducing your chance for the great catch.
  • All our boats are top notch luxury sportfishing boats.  Each boat including A/C, Bathroom, Ice and plenty of cockpit area for your party.  Don’t get fooled by our competition to be on a small old and worn boat just to save a couple bucks.
  • Captain David is on the water daily, sometimes running 2 to 3 trips each day. This allows him and his crew to know exactly where the fish are biting and put you on the bite before other boats. (Think the movie “Groundhog Day”)
  • Captain David is a FULL-TIME charter boat captain (one of very few in area). He does not have the distractions of a day job and his passion is putting people on fish and an all-around good time on the water! He’s been on the water all week with customers and knows where the fish are biting and knows what the fish are biting. This allows Captain David to put you on the fish sooner. Time is money. Spend less time looking and more time catching!
  • He is the owner and operator. In most cases you will speak directly with Captain David when booking the trip or one of his highly qualified crew. He is not a booking service that puts you on any boat with a grumpy captain and simply takes a cut of the money. You will be fishing with a Lady Pamela Coast Guard Certified Captain on Captain David’s boats using Captain David’s tackle and Captain David’s bait unless you require multi-boat charter. (Do you get the message?)
  • The boat, tackle and equipment are all top notch to ensure that every opportunity counts. Captain David takes pride in his charter service and puts his reputation on the line with each charter.
  • Captain David does not work with a booking service that takes enormous fees. He books all trips himself and relies heavily on repeat customers. This ensures you get the most quality fishing trip every time you book!
  • Many charter boats here sell your fish, BEWARE! All fish you catch within regulations are yours to keep. Captain/crew clean and pack the fish nicely for you. The captain likes to practice catch and release with certain species but you have the final say on all your catches, within regulations.
  • Captain David does not get mad or turn into Captain Ahab at the first lost fish or broken tackle. We have heard horror stories about other guides around here. He is very easy-going and looks forward to fishing with you and giving you the experience of a lifetime.  Captain David even allows you up in the bridge to see the bite!
  • Captain David offers charters specifically tailored to small children so as to introduce our future anglers to the best sport in the world. Captain David takes great pride in keeping children engaged throughout the trip. Captain David would be honored to put your child on the fish of a lifetime. View kids package.

Don’t leave your fishing adventure to chance, only to it turn into a bad day on the water. Sadly, our competitors don’t always put their clients first, which led to many or our current customers to choose Captain David instead of returning to those local services. Captain David is very passionate about his guide service and he strives to exceed all expectations from the moment you meet to the end of the day and our personal service doesn’t stop there.

Now that you have the facts, here are our packages and rates and packages.

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