Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Shared Fort Lauderdale Sportfishing Charter
$140 per person for a half day (4 hour) shared sportfishing charter

Ft Lauderdale fishing CharterWe arrange shared sportfishing charters aboard the Big Game and Out of the Blue every day.  On these trips, we pair your party with another small party to go fishing with.  We arrange these trips for both a morning departure (8am-12pm) and again on an afternoon departure (1pm-5pm).    The price is $140 per person and includes everything you need for fishing.  We supply your bait and tackle, rods and reels, coolers and ice, and fishing licenses.  The only things not included in this price are your food and beverages (you may store your own food and drinks in our fridge and drink cooler).  It is also customary to leave a tip for the mate at the end of the fishing charter.  On these trips, we go trolling the Ft Lauderdale reef, bottom fishing around shipwrecks and kite fishing for sailfish and sharks.  This is the best Fort Lauderdale charter fishing trip for groups of 1-3 people.

For Info and Reservations, Call Capt. Rod at (954)707-2147

Private Sportfishing Charter Fort Lauderdale

Private sportfishing boat charters are available for groups of 1-6 people. On a private charter, you have the whole boat to yourself for you and your party. On your Fort Lauderdale fishing charter, we can target anything you want. Spend the day trolling offshore for dolphin, kite fishing for sailfish on the reef or live baiting for sharks around shipwrecks. You can catch anything charter fishing Fort Lauderdale.

Half Day Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charter
$550 for half day (4 hour) private sportfishing charter up to 6 people

Fort Lauderdale fishing charter boatOn a half day deep sea fishing charter, we generally like to begin the trip by trolling for action on the reef.  This is a great way to get some fish in the box quickly because when you are trolling, you can cover a lot of ground.  This also gets everyone comfortable using the fishing equipment and prepped for big game fishing.  After a while, we’ll switch tactics and try a different fishing technique.  Maybe you would like to do some wreck fishing for groupers, snappers and amberjack or go kite fishing for really big game fish such as sailfish and sharks.  Dragging live baits from the outriggers is another great way to target sailfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi and tuna in Fort Lauderdale.  Whatever fish you would like to target on your Fort Lauderdale fishing charter, the crew is at your service.  We usually have time to try 2-3 different fishing techniques on a half day sport fishing charter. Fishing grounds in Fort Lauderdale are really close to shore, just 1 mile offshore, so your time is spent fishing, not travelling out to the grounds.

¾ Day Ft Lauderdale Fishing Charter
$750 for a ¾ day (6 hour) private fishing charter up to 6 people

On a ¾ day fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale, we have more fishing time, which opens up a few different options for us to try.  A 6 hour trip also gives us the opportunity to get to some fishing spots that are too far to reach on a 4 hour trip.  On a 6 hour charter, we usually have enough time to try 3-4 different fishing techniques and the extra time usually adds greatly to your final catch.  6 hour trips are the minimum required for an offshore fishing trip.  When offshore fishing, it requires some time to look around out there for floating debris, weedlines and birds working a school of fish, so we need at least 6 hours to do a serious offshore Ft Lauderdale fishing charter. The 6 hour charter is my favorite deep sea fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale.

Full Day Deep Sea Fishing Charter Ft Lauderdale
$950 for an All Day (8 hour) private charter

An 8 hour trip gives us all the time in the world to catch you some big game fish.  We can do anything: start off trolling offshore for mahi-mahi, and then work back in and hit wrecks or go kite fishing.  Or start off on the reefs trolling, do some kite fishing for sailfish and then try our luck for the rest of the day offshore.  On a full day deep sea fishing trip, we can reach any of our furthest fishing spots, so if we know a spot is holding big fish, we’re there!  A full day trip allows us to try 4-6 different fishing techniques and usually yields A LOT of fish.  If you’re looking for an offshore Fort Lauderdale fishing charter, I usually recommend a full day deep sea fishing trip for the best success.

Daytime Swordfishing Charter in Fort Lauderdale Florida
$1150 for a 10 hour offshore Daytime Swordfishing Charter
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Night Swordfishing Charter in Ft Lauderdale FL
$1250 for an 8 hour night Swordfishing charter
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Sailfishing Charters Ft Lauderdale FL

sport fishing charter Ft LauderdaleFort Lauderdale, Fla is known as one of the world’s top deep sea fishing destinations because of its great sailfishing.  For a sailfishing trip, I generally recommend a 4-6 hour charter.  Sailfish are a species that are here in Fort Lauderdale waters year round, but bite exceedingly well in the months of October-February.  Kite fishing is perhaps the best all around fishing technique for targeting sailfish.  Kite fishing is a method of flying fishing kites from the back of the boat, which are used to suspend live baits splashing on the surface.  It is a great sailfishing technique because of the excellent hook-up ratio.  When a sailfish rises up to eat a kite bait, he has to stick part of his dorsal fin and possibly his bill out of the water to get the bait into his mouth.  The sighting of a sailfishes’ dorsal fin near the bait, gives us advance warning that we are about to get a bite.  This is so important because it makes us ready to set the hook at precisely the right time.

Dragging live baits out of the outriggers is another excellent way to go sailfishing on a Fort Lauderdale charter fishing trip, and is our best alternative to kite fishing on days with little to no wind.  Slowly dragging live baits from the outriggers also has one major advantage over kite fishing.  When kite fishing, you are mostly immobile and are fishing the same general the entire time.  When dragging live baits from the outriggers, you cover a lot of area with your baits, thereby increasing your chances of finding a sailfish fishing Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Trolling dead rigged baits is not the most effective method to catch sailfish while fishing Ft Lauderdale, but we’ve certainly caught our fair share of sailfish by fishing this method.  When trolling rigged dead baits, the boat is moving at a moderate clip, so you can cover the most ground employing this technique.  When a sailfish comes up to feed on one of the baits, he will knock the lure around with his bill, attempting to stun the baitfish.  Hookup from a sailfish on the troll can be challenging because the sailfish is coming up sporadically and taking random swipes at the bait.  Usually the mate will encourage you to give the fish a drop-back when the sailfish takes a swipe at the bait, so that it is easier for him to get the bait down his mouth. In my opinion sailfish are the coolest fish in the ocean and the most fun fish to catch fishing Ft Lauderdale.

Offshore Mahi-Mahi Fishing Charter Fort Lauderdale Fla

Fort Lauderdale fishingMahi-mahi, also known as dolphin fish (not the same as the porpoise mammal), are an offshore species that live abundantly in South Florida waters and that we catch a lot of while fishing Fort Lauderdale.  They travel mostly in schools of 5-50 fish, and can be found anywhere offshore, especially around seaweed lines, floating debris and working birds.  Mahi-mahi can range in size anywhere from 3-60 pounds.  The smaller mahi-mahi, 3-6 pounds, are called ‘schoolie’ dolphin and are usually stacked together in a huge school.  ‘Gaffer’ dolphins are those mahi-mahi in the 7-15 pound range.  ‘Bull’ and ‘cow’ dolphin are those mahi-mahi that are bigger than 15 pounds and are a hugely sought after game fish.  Mahi-mahi are one of the best eating fish in the ocean and can be found on restaurant menus all over South Florida.  The great thing about dolphin fishing is their tremendous appetite.  Dolphins are not picky eaters and will generally eat just about anything you drag past or throw at them.

On our offshore mahi-mahi fishing charter in Ft Lauderdale, we fish anywhere from 4-20 miles offshore.  Trolling is the best technique because it allows you to fish and cover a lot of ground while you are looking for anything floating where a dolphin school may be hiding.  If and when you find something substantial floating offshore (a floating board, Styrofoam, floating net or rope, trees, etc…), get ready  or some action.  We like to set up on a drift near the floating object and pitch out the light tackle.  When doing this, it is important to always keep at least 1 dolphin hooked up on the line and in the water.  Dolphin fish are like the U.S. Rangers:  They don’t leave their buddies behind.  If you can keep one fish hooked up on the line at all times, the whole school will stay with you and continue feeding.  If you find a good school of these mahi-mahi, you can load the box with a lot of fish in a very short time.  It is always very exciting when you find a nice school of dolphin fish.

Wahoo, tuna and even the very rare blue marlin can be caught on an offshore mahi-mahi sportfishing charter.  6 hours is the minimum required time to effectively fish an offshore charter, although I always recommend an 8 hour trip for the best success.  This is one of the best deep sea fishing charter Ft Lauderdale has to offer for catching a lot of really good eating fish to take home for dinner.

Inshore Ft Lauderdale Fishing Charter trips-3 hours
$350 for private charter of 3 people-26’ Never Enough
$400 for 4 hours for Inshore or Reef fishing
$575 for 6 hours Reef fishing
$750 for 8 hours Reef/Offshore fishing
We run most of our inshore fishing trips aboard our 26’ Intrepid, the Never Enough.  The city of Fort Lauderdale, FL is called the Venice of America because of the intricate network of canals and offshoots from the main intracoastal.  These small ‘finger canals’ can be too small for larger charter boats to fish effectively which makes the Never Enough the perfect boat for this type of fishing charter in Ft Lauderdale.

Tarpon are a big game species that live throughout the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway and along the banks of these ‘finger canal’ offshoots.  Tarpon are a hellacious fighter and put on the most incredible aerial display of any fish I’ve caught.  They average from 40 pounds up to 200 pounds and can reach up to 7 feet long.  Snook are another gamefish that inhabits the intracoastal and are considered by many to be the ultimate light tackle gamefish.  For snook fishing, we usually like to drift with live shrimp or pilchards for bait. Snook inhabit the same areas as tarpon do and like tarpon, put on a great jumping display when caught on light tackle.  For snook, there is a closed season from December 15-January 31 and June 1-August 31.  Any snook caught within these months must be released.  Many other species of fish inhabit the Ft Lauderdale Intracoastal Waterway and can be caught on this trip such as jack crevale, mangrove and mutton snapper, barracuda, and even sharks.