Kite Fishing

kite-fishingKite fishing is one of the most effective fishing techniques for targeting sailfish and other surface feeding game fish.  Kite fishing involves flying fishing kites which are used to suspend live baits.  We use pressure release clips, positioned along the kite line to hold the bait to the kite line as we let the kite back behind the boat.  The kite suspends the live baits directly on the surface, with the baitfish splashing right on the surface of the water.  Sailfish and other big game fish pick up on these splashes and vibrations in the water and swim up to investigate.  When the big game fish comes up to feed, he has to stick part of his body out of the water in order to get the bait into his mouth.  The coolest thing about kite fishing is that you get to watch the whole bite sequence of the big game fish chasing the baitfish on the surface.  When the big game fish takes the bait, the line releases from the pressure release clip and comes tight right to the rod.  Sailfish, mahi-mahi and barracuda will immediately come jumping out of the water, trying to ‘shake the hook’.

Fort Lauderdale is a unique area to fish, because the Gulfstream current runs extremely close to shore, some days nearly right on top of the 100’ reef.  This allows us to kite fish in an area rich with big game fish.   The area where you set up for kite fishing is important because with your kites set, you are mostly stationary.  The captain can use the engines to try to hold a position or move slightly deeper or shallower, but you can’t move around much without tiring out your live baits.  The livelier your baits are out there, struggling and splashing around, the better your chances are for catching some big fish.
You can catch just about any surface feeding fish using the kite fishing method.  A kite fishing trip can yield sailfish, sharks, blue marlin, mahi-mahi, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, kingfish, bonito or cobia.  October through June are the best kite fishing months here in South Florida.  If you are looking to try an awesome technique of fishing for some of the biggest and most sought after gamefish in the world, then a kite fishing trip is for you.