Fishing Report for Fort Lauderdale

Saturday Night Florida Swordfishing

Posted on September 29th, 2008 by Captain

Dr. Otis Allen and Floyd with a nice catch Saturday night 9-27-2008. The Swordfish ate a live Blue Runner in 1,500 feet of water off Ft. Lauderdale beach. He weighed 120 pounds.


Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Is Hot

Posted on September 17th, 2008 by Captain

Sorry for not reporting on the fishing scene in the past month but I’m starting to hate computers and viruses.

We have had some great outings this month but I’ll get to the real time for the latest bite this week. Just from live baiting we have had some great success on the afternoon bite past the 3:00 hour. On Sunday live Goggle eyes produced a nice Wahoo about 30 pounds. A Wahoo bite from a drifting boat is always nice as your rod bends over and line peels off like you got a 50 pound Kingfish. Its always a plus to have fisky baits and a good baitwell that keeps the water circulating at a good pace. We had baited the hook and as soon as the Gog hit the water he swam off in a hurry. I knew he would get some attention and within 5 minutes we were on.

On Tuesday’s afternoon trip we had great baits again with nice Gogs and large Pilchards. Our first drift a Sailfish rose up to our spread, knocked the first Gog off the hook, swam over to the far Gog and we got tight on him. We had a nice north current making it harder for us to just real this fish in. We had to persue the chase to get back some line on the reel. We billed the Sailfish, removed the hook and set him off home. The Kingfish were a steady bite down deep at least 50 feet with no King bites on the surface. Our last few moments on the trip one rod slowly bent and finally a sailfish busted the surface making 2 Sailfish bites for us. One fish on a Goggle eye another on a nice Pilchard. Our last Sailfish I noticed as he was jumping he was throwing blood, usually indicating he’s hooked inside the gills. Whenever you notice blood, it’s best to cut the line rather then struggling with him to get your hook back so that he can still swim away alive.

The days are becoming a bit cooler in the mid 80’s with a nice breeze. This month and next should make for a great time to get on a boat and do some kick back fishing with some nice action.

See you on the rip

Sweet Summertime

Posted on August 3rd, 2008 by Captain

It’s a great time of year to enjoy the calm sea off of south Florida. Nine out of ten mornings we leave the inlet and enter mirror calm seas. The early morning bite has been active with alot of 10-20 pound Kingfish action. Sailfish are moving in one week and gone the next. Jarred Pullum from North Carolina reeled in a large 80 inch Sailfish for his first billfish catch. Some very large Barracudas have been stalking baitfish and getting caught on our lines. These toothy fish are unpredictable when there is a hook in there mouth, jumping like Sailfish, skyrocketing from left to right. Dolphin have been offshore as of last week in the 7-800 feet depths. The schools have been big with alot of schoolie size fish. The Wahoo bite should turn on this month and also the Swordfishing. We have had some of our best bites on the August moon. Lets do some fishing my friend.