Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Charter

Posted on April 4th, 2012 by Captain

Nice swordfish caught on our Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Charter last night

Nice swordfish caught on our Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Charter last night

2 nice swordfish landed on last night’s swordfish charter out of Fort Lauderdale. A couple of guys down on vacation chartered our boat the Big Game for a night swordfishing charter. We left the dock at 6pm and headed offshore. The water looked good for mahi-mahi, so we threw out some lures on the way out fishing grounds. We didn’t catch any mahi-mahi, but we did catch a nice blackfin tuna. The tuna was the only bite we got trolling.

Double header swordfish caught on last nights swordfishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

Double header swordfish caught on last night's swordfishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

We listened to the radio on the way out to fishing grounds, to hear how the action was for the commercial fishing boats fishing for swordfish. One boat had a single bite, but nothing else good to report from any of the other boats. We were just setting our third bait, when we got the bite. The long bait’s marker balloon plunged down and line started screaming off the reel. We were hooked up. The angler grabbed the rod and got set up in the fighting chair when the other rod starts jerking and pouring out drag. At first we thought it was a the same fish, either tangled or that he ate both baits. But the angle of the lines proved it was 2 different fish. We fought the fish to the boat in 20 minutes. They weren’t the biggest swordfish we’ve ever caught, but they were nice ones. The bigger fish was 80 pounds and the smaller fish 60.

After catching those swordfish, we kept fishing for a couple more hours. We had one mystery bite that came back with a mangled bait, probably a shark of some specie. Also, we had a tiny swordfish, a 15 pounder or so, come swim up in our light off the back of the boat. He swam there for a good 5 minutes, zooming in and out of the light. We pitched a couple baits to him, but he never ate and eventually swam off. It was cool to see though, and I’ve never seen one so small. Any trip you land a swordfish on is a great trip! We’re having some good fishing action on our Fort Lauderdale swordfish charters. Tight Lines and good fishing,

Capt Rod Roydhouse
Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Charters